Paint Correction

At Precision Detailing paint correction is our specialty and we are proud to stake our reputation on it. Paint correction is a long and labor-intensive process through which paint is compounded correctly, polished and restored to bring back that like-new or even better than new finish. Utilizing some of the best products and safest techniques, we can take paint in any condition to a whole new level of clarity and shine, without jeopardizing the paint thickness.

We focus individually on each vehicle and develop a process that is specifically tailored to that vehicle. Before any paint correction work is scheduled, we perform a thorough assessment. During this evaluation, we evaluate the paintwork, measure the clear coat thickness and thoroughly discuss the owner's concerns and expectations. In addition to the paint correction services, we highly recommend an application of a Protective Coating to help maintain and preserve the finish for an extended period of time.
Paint Correction is our most valuable and beneficial service for almost any vehicle. Utilizing two or more stages of machine polishing, the paint is greatly improved and many times looks better than new condition. This is achieved by removing unsightly swirl marks, greatly improving deep scratches or defects and bringing out a clarity that brings the shine, gloss and reflections of the paint to a whole new level. While the level of improvement will greatly depend on the paint type and condition, we are normally able to accomplish 85-95%+ defect removal after two or three stages of paint correction. Recommended for vehicles with paint in fairly poor condition, having moderate defects like fading, oxidation, large amounts of swirl marks, scratches, etc.
paint correction

Time Required: 10+ Hours
  • Vehicle is hand washed using sheepskin mitts, then dried with a blower and soft microfiber towels
  • Paint is completely decontaminated using a clay bar, leaving a smooth finish
  • Two or more paint polishing stages are utilized to remove swirl marks, light scratches and as many severe defects as safely possible to restore paint depth, gloss and shine (some defects may require additional polishing steps or may be too severe to safely remove)
  • Door jambs are dried and wiped down
  • Wheel faces and barrels are cleaned with appropriate brushes
  • Tires are washed and dressed
  • Exhaust tips are washed and lightly polished
  • Paint sealant is applied to exterior painted surfaces and wheels for shine and protection (Add Ceramic Coating for Extra Fee)
  • Interior gets a light vacuuming